The Safe Heaven exists solely to make existence worthwhile. Through community dinners, concerts, and a variety of other events, we target specific members and groups of our community and give them both financial and emotional support. Each “Safe Heaven” that we will build, will be a facility armed with a doctor for those without health insurance, a psychologist for those who need someone to talk to, an office for our volunteers, a kitchen, and space to host various events. We offer a venue for broken individuals to interact with other broken individuals. Multiple broken pieces joined together can form a masterpiece! If you are depressed, abused, bullied, sick, disabled, homeless, or suicidal, allow us to give you hope. Each individual possesses unique talents and a great deal of potential. We will help you discover yours! Have some faith in us, because we believe in you! Where there is life, there is hope. Where there is hope, there is The Safe Heaven!

Tax Identification Number: 46-2278542


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